Meet Dr. Woods

“The human body is divinely designed and has a great capacity to heal itself. We just need to learn how to fuel the body with what it needs.  I am excited to use my knowledge of integrative functional medicine and bio-identical hormones to help individuals discover the root causes of their illnesses and unlock their body’s full potential.”

My journey onto the road less traveled began in 2011. At this point I was six years into a very busy OB/GYN group practice, doing what should’ve been my dream job. I had wanted to deliver babies since eighth grade and there I was, a full-time OB/GYN.

But, for some reason, I felt unfulfilled. I was seeing 30-35 patients every day and my group was telling me I needed to see more. I was not given the opportunity to really get to know my patients and I felt like I was not practicing good medicine. This was not what I had signed up for…

In 2011 I was also one year out from having my second child, a healthy, happy baby boy. One day I stepped on the scale and it said 236 lb! I was not happy. I was tired, crashing in the mid-afternoons, barely making it through my hectic work day. And when I finally got home at night, I didn’t have much energy left to really engage with my husband and two beautiful children.

I felt guilty, but yet I was exhausted. My only comforts were the couch and what I could find in the fridge or the pantry. I was in a vicious cycle that I know so many women experience. And to top it off, I felt really ashamed.

How could I talk to my patients about getting healthier when I was on the wrong path? 

Something had to change.

 I was finally sick and tired of where I was. I put my mind to work and started taking courses on weight loss. I even got board certified in non-surgical weight loss management with the American Board of Obesity Medicine. In the process, I lost 60 pounds between 2011 and 2013.

I felt empowered and I wanted to share what I learned with as many women as possible.

My journey into weight loss then led me into bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) certification. Once I incorporated BHRT, I started seeing great improvement in my client’s health. But there was still something missing. The missing piece was integrative functional medicine which is all about discovering the root cause.

Now I have a complete toolbox to help women discover the underlying cause of their condition and truly unlock their body’s AMAZING potential.

Because I was seeing such amazing results in my own health and my patients’ health I couldn’t keep this to myself!

I decided to combine all my training and research…the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours…I’ve spent attending conferences and obtaining more certifications, getting a deeper understanding of why the body breaks down and how to restore it, into a single solution that will make for happier physicians and happier patients.


I call it the e3 Method…


About e3

Step 1. Enlighten.

The first step is to shed a light on the problem by asking the right questions and ordering the right tests based on the functional medicine paradigm. Once you become enlightened, or in other words, informed about what exactly is going on in your body, only then can you start to make the necessary changes to correct it.

Step 2: Empower.

After the right questions have been answered and the appropriate tests have been done. Giving you the tools regarding how to change what is found on the specialized tests is so empowering. Finally, women start to regain control of their health and realize it wasn’t all in their heads.

Step 3: Energize.

Oh my, oh my. Once you have asked the right questions, determined the answers and the solution. Not only are the women who go through the E3 method feeling more energy physically, they are energized mentally and emotionally. They have more clarity in every aspect of their lives and are hopeful and optimistic about their future and aging gracefully.

My Programs

e3 Method

Discover the e3 program that is transforming lives around the world.

Enlighten.  Empower.  Energize.

Join the revolution that is shaping vibrant, energetic women the world over today; and start to feel and look your best.

The Launch

Medical physicians frustrayed with not being able to spend enough time with their patients to achieve a real outcome are joining me on “The Launch.”

Discover how to transform your practice so you can serve at the highest level, give a deep level of service and thrive.

Dr Woods Wellness Clinic

Limited bookings are available at Dr Woods’ Clinic based in Lee’s Summit, MO.

We believe in discovering the root cause of your symptoms and unlocking your body’s potential.  Schedule an appointment today to begin your journey to health and wellbeing.

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I believe in holistic wellbeing.  But I am also very practical.  I strive to achieve a pathway to wellness that is achievable for each and every one of my clients.  Whether you work with me as a client or a business partner, my mission is to go deeper, giving a no-nonsense plan that delivers.  Each and every time.

What People Are Saying

Dr. Woods is one of the most compassionate doctors I have encountered. You do not meet many doctors such as herself for she carries something unique in her spirit. She is accountable, timely, and dedicated to her practice. You can tell she loves what she does and gives off positive calming vibes when under her care. Definitely a phenomenal doctor and one of my favorites!!

Christal Adams


I sought out Dr. Woods, as I knew that I wanted to be treated from a natural standpoint, and not medicinally. From the moment I met Dr. Woods, I knew we could be a team. She is very compassionate about my concerns, and gives me as much time as I need to explain. I never feel hurried. I know that she not only hears what I am saying, but is truly listening. Now, a year later, she is still giving me those same attributes at each and every appointment. We are well on our way to getting my body back on track, thanks to her expertise.

Deb Wood


Dr Woods takes the time to listen and order the lab tests you need. She explained every single test and the results to me. She explained what I needed for better function and she answered every single question I had. I am definitely on the journey back to health and wellness. She is a blessing!

Heather Crain